Gratitude arises when we are in sacred relationship with life-present, open and receptive ~Tara Brach

Tis the time for giving and receiving Virtual Workshops with a Purpose

Join YMMS for 10 special workshops designed for your exploration, restoration and self-care

All are welcome

Breathe. Feel. Receive. Give. Begin again…

Yoga Moves MS thrives on giving from the heart to individuals impacted by MS and neuromuscular conditions. During these challenging and isolating times, we knew that connection to our students and families was paramount. Live on site classes were swiftly transitioned to daily virtual classes and learning forums. Our treasured students and care partners are able to maintain a connection to each other, and they continue to experience daily adaptive yoga and mindfulness practices. Little did we realize that virtual classes would result in active participation from throughout the country and internationally. We receive daily messages of gratitude from students and families. Our classes improve the quality of life for our mighty students, and are solely funded by donations.

Throughout “Giving December”, YMMS Instructors will be offering a special array of enriching and relaxing virtual workshops for your pleasure and self-care. They will share their unique talents during the scheduled days and times below. If you are unavailable to attend live sessions, the recordings will be sent to you upon request. In exchange, we ask that you consider a donation of $20 per class or $100 or more for all ten sessions. GIVE WHAT YOU CAN. Your support in exchange for receiving nurturing experiences throughout the year and during this holiday season is so very much appreciated.


Virtual Workshops with a purpose
Led by YMMS instructors

Knee and foot massage & guided loving kindness meditation with Mandy: Learn how to give yourself a knee and foot massage followed by a guided loving kindness meditation. Please come with hand lotion, and prepared to lie down or sit comfortably with a warm blanket, warm hands and feet while in guided meditation. (December 2nd, 11am to 12pm)

World of crystals with Barb: Are you curious about the wonderful world of crystals? Join Barb for this upbeat and informative! Topics covered include selecting crystals for healing, protection and many other positive intentions. Crystals can also enhance Feng Shui in your home and office. You will learn about clearing, charging and programming crystals as well. (December 3rd, 3pm to 4pm)

Restore, Slow Down, Stress Less, Feel More with Anita: Explore your range of motion with slow, small movements that are done while lying on your back. Simple sliding and gliding movements will help you to be aware of sensations, and periods of stillness will quiet “monkey mind”. Most movements will be done on the back. Some movements are also practiced laying on the stomach. Students can be on the floor with a blanket or beach towel over a yoga mat or on a bed. Props: Yoga mat, blanket or beach towel, yoga strap or belt/scarf.(December 4th, Noon to 1:30pm)

Breathing and Meditation with Deb: Prana is defined as life-force energy. What is our life-force energy but our breath? Pranayama is defined as regulated breathing technique. When we learn how to regulate our breath , we learn how to focus our minds, tune into our ability to relax, and even exercise our lungs to increase oxygen flow in the body. Learn ways to stretch and balance your breath, and tap into ways to increase awareness. Once our mind is focused and calm, we will explore simple mantras and ways to meditate to release negative energy that causes depression and anxiety.(Saturday, December 5th, 2pm to 3pm)

Virtual Relaxing concert with Zara: Relax, listen and bathe in the the tranquil sounds of the harmonium and singing bowls. Zara is a professional musician! (December 8th, 10:30am)

Reiki for self-care with Julie: Reiki is the Japanese name for “Universal Life Force Energy,” which is the life-giving energy present in everyone. Reiki supports the body’s natural healing abilities. In this workshop, you will learn about the basic principles of Reiki and how to use reiki as a self-care practice for stress relief and pain management.(December 9th, 11am to Noon)

The art of storytelling with Marie: Bring your imagination, a snippet of an idea: a memory, picture, feather, jewelry or a vivid thought. During this hour, you will weave your thoughts into an elegant tapestry. Materials needed: a notebook and pencil or a laptop to write on.(December 10th, at 11:00-12)

Chakra healing with Dory: Learn information about what a chakra is, where the seven main chakras are located within your body, and what they represent. Dory will offer you guided chakra meditation and teach you simple ways to care for yourself through chakra healing.(December 17th, 11:30am to 12:30pm)

Restorative set-up and practice and Tong Len meditation with Jill: Restorative yoga is about being and letting go through the use of multiple blankets, pillows, blocks, soft lights, silence and rest. Poses will be done on the floor, (or bed), but adaptations will be provided for students who prefer not to be or cannot be on the floor. Each pose will be held for a minimum of 5-10 minutes. Explanation will be provided on how to use props and how to improvise props with items you have at home. Two poses will be offered, followed by a guided meditation taken from the traditional Tibetan Buddhist practice of Tong Len, (taking and giving), that focuses on generosity and loving kindness that will open your heart. (December 18, 2pm to 2:45pm)

Bathe yourself with the sounds of the gong with Mindy: Enjoy gentle movement, breathing practices, and hand mudras. Before sleepy time, this session concludes with a gong bath and sounds of the crystal singing bowl. (December 22, 7pm to 8:30pm)

(If you are unavailable for the scheduled live virtual sessions, recordings will be sent to you upon request.)