Teacher Training

Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body teacher virtual and in-person training is designed for yoga instructors and therapists, physical, and occupational therapists, nurses, physicians, and care partners. The Teacher Training program helps participants gain confidence in their ability to meet the unique needs of their otherwise-abled students, while understanding how neuromuscular conditions impact students’ lives, mobility and sensations.

This 20-hour training is designed as a hybrid of live and pre-recorded sessions. The program also involves special guest visits from Dr. Gretchen, MSing Link and Yoga Moves MS Students. This comprehensive program combines Yoga Moves MS principles, with an overview of neuromuscular conditions, pose adaptations, class design and dynamics, theme components, class administration and additional resources to further enhance your understanding. Participants will become part of a growing and mutually supportive adaptive yoga community of instructors and students.

The next Virtual Teacher Training Session is planned for Summer and Fall 2021. Please sign up on our mailing list for upcoming teacher training dates.

Virtual Teacher Training Session

Dates: TBD

Price: $425
Earlybird: $375

*Price includes $120 worth of resources, including Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body book, Adaptive Yoga Cards, videos, and Teacher Training Manual.

In person training to be determined once it is safe to meet.

Don’t take our word for it, here is a course evaluation from a participant:

“I highly recommend any and all opportunities to interact with Mindy Eisenberg, Director and Founder of Yoga Moves MS. I was a participant in her three-day, twenty-hour Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body Teacher Training workshop. There were two key reasons why I registered – her program is certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapist (IAYT) for continuing education credits; and the opportunity to participate in an interactive, hands-on environment with individuals that have benefited immensely from Mindy’s classes.

The three-day workshop was well organized and relevant. It was delivered with care and compassion for all attending. Mindy has an engaging style and a great sense of humour. The support material was first class. I received her almost 400-page book and teacher training manual – both are well written and comprehensive with hundreds of photos. I have an extensive library of yoga teacher/therapist resources and her material is excellent.

One of the highlights of the workshop was working with individuals with MS or Parkinson. Every single persons’ quality of life – physically, emotionally and spiritually had improved because of their association with Mindy and her classes. This is the foundation of Yoga and to see it in action was heartwarming and inspirational. As a yoga teacher since 2002 and a yoga therapist since 2012, I feel it is imperative that yoga be made accessible to everyone. Mindy’s workshop is a great introduction for those with neuromuscular conditions and those working with this population to use yoga on their healing journeys.”

– Christine Clarke, Yoga Therapy Ottawa, Owner and Goddess Warrior, Certified Yoga Therapist & Yoga Teacher


  • Yoga Instructors
    • Completion Registered Yoga Teacher credential by Yoga Alliance, RYT 200
    • Two years or more of yoga instruction experience suggested
  • Neuro-rehabilitation professionals, such as physical and occupational therapists and nurses
  • Caregivers of those with neuromuscular conditions


  • Basic understanding of nervous system and neuromuscular conditions in terms of types, symptoms, Complementary Alternatives to Medicine (CAM) options, and adaptations for yoga that may be applied to students with MS, Parkinson’s Disease, spinal chord injury, stroke, etc.
  • Guiding principles of adaptive yoga for MS and neuromuscular conditions
  • How to apply adaptive yoga techniques to symptoms of neuromuscular conditions, with emphasis on MS
  • How to apply mindfulness techniques to adaptive yoga cirriculum, including how to cope with pain and anxiety
  • Essential components to an effective small group adaptive yoga class
  • How to safely address and assist with transfers to and from a chair and yoga mat
  • How to assist adaptive students creatively and safely in, and through, poses