Namaste Bundle (Book & All Videos)

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Includes: Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body book, plus 11 adaptive yoga videos.

– Waiting For The Rice To Cook Kitchen Sequence: An 11-minute sequence to practice in your kitchen using the countertop, wall, and chairs.
– Computer Break: A 10-minute sequence to relieve tension from computer use and prolonged sitting.
– Get Out of Bed, Sleepyhead: An 8-minute sequence to practice in bed as you transition into your day.
– Long Road Trip: A 9-minute sequence to practice when taking a break from a long car ride that can be practiced at a rest stop, by the side of the car, or in a park.
– Legs Gone Restless: A 20-minute sequence to practice in a chair to calm spasms, lessen rigidity, and increase flexibility in your legs.
– Finding Balance: A 30-minute sequence practiced with a chair, standing at a wall, and on the yoga mat that focuses on balance.
– Sun Salutations in a Chair: A 9-minute flowing sequence practiced in a chair to energize you and get your body moving.
– Against the Wall with a Chair: A 20-minute adaptive yoga sequence that includes a series of energizing poses using a chair and the wall as props. This active flow includes stretching, strengthening, and balancing poses.
– It Takes 2 to Tango Chair Sequence: A 20-minute chair sequence to help stretch, strengthen, improve balance, and refresh you.
– On the Mat With Assistance Yoga Sequence: A 13-minute sequence that demonstrates how yoga can be practiced with assistance when the yoga practitioner requires a little help from a partner.
– Get Moving Basic Chair Sequence: A 14-minute chair sequence that is intended to strengthen, stretch, and invigorate you.

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