Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body


A 400-page guide for all ages and abilities with clear instructions and hundreds of photos. Ideal for anybody with movement challenges, their caregivers, and yoga instructors and therapists learning how to adapt yoga for their students.

– Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and other neuromuscular conditions
– Anyone with movement challenges
– Individuals seeking a gentle yoga practice
– Caregivers of people with movement challenges
– Individuals new to yoga
– Experienced yogis who desire a home reference
– Yoga instructors seeking to learn how to adapt yoga for their students

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“Eisenberg’s heartening voice resonates from the first words on the acknowledgements page of this book – a hefty volume that artfully weaves description and demonstration with encouragement and empathy. Her sense of humor and playfulness are laced throughout this richly researched and well-organized book. Her philosophy is summed up by her words, ‘The most important yoga pose is your smile, and the most important words in your practice are, ‘Yes, I can!’
— Dana

“After watching your video and seeing the sample pages in your book, I bought it! It seems to be a perfect affirmation that yoga asanas can be accessible to any body. Blessings, and Namaste.”
— Barbara Ingram,

“I see many of my patients within the pages of this book. Many are young women whose lives were forever changed when they were diagnosed with MS. Many of them have shared stories of loss and uncertainty for the future, yet they found the courage to pursue something new. Adaptive yoga under the gentle guidance of Mindy Eisenberg has given them a new sense of self. I applaud her tireless commitment to this invaluable program and congratulate her on the publication of this much appreciated book. She has given her students something that they feared might be forever lost.”
— Margie Leonard, RN MSCN, Mind Center, Farmington Hills, MI

“I absolutely love this book. It is so creatively done and offers ideas for pretty much every way to do a yoga posture. I have adopted this for use in courses at MUIH and with Kelli Maples Bethel at CIM. It is amazing! Thank you Mindy for your work.
— Marlysa Sullivan PT, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500 & Assistant Professor, Integrative Health Science and Yoga Therapy

“I wanted to thank you very much for the beautiful book, Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body. I have recently started working my way through the book, and haven’t gotten very far, but speed is not the goal! I practice several poses at a time, and find them both relaxing and energizing! I especially like the breathing techniques. What a wonderful way to set aside daily stresses for a period of time. Hopefully as I become more familiar with this method, that period of time will become longer. I have suffered with a broken shoulder and have been in therapy. I shared the book with my PT, and she was very impressed. A nurse at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital (a rehab hospital in Philadelphia, PA) recently asked me for the name of the book as she is interested in it for a friend who has MS, and also for their MS and neuromuscular injured patients at the hospital. Thank you again for such an incredible gift. I’m sure you have brought much happiness and relief to many with your adaptive techniques.”
– Sharon Fasnacht

“I wish I could take an adaptive yoga class from Mindy Eisenberg, but since she lives in southeastern Michigan and I live in north Texas, I can’t make it to her classes. However, I have the next best thing, a copy of her new book: Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body, which was created for people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and neuromuscular conditions. Eisenberg’s heartening voice resonates from the first words on the acknowledgements page of this book – a hefty volume that artfully weaves description and demonstration with encouragement and empathy.”

“I am grateful for Mindy Eisenberg’s attention to alignment details and the more subtle aspects of each pose, in addition to precautions given for various conditions and injuries. The ‘jewel in the lotus’ of the book is the many creative pose adaptations, illuminating a path to empowerment for every student, every body. Let us celebrate the many beautiful expressions of each pose!”
— Barbara 


Yoga Moves MS

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