January Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body  Self Practice CHALLENGE

Start the year off with a commitment to practice yoga for 14 days in January.

Use a combination of LIVE online classes, the Yoga Moves On Demand library, or in-person classes. Choose different class types to suit your needs, on your feet, on your seat, and on the earth.

During the CHALLENGE, the Yoga Moves On Demand library is FREE.


View our extensive library of adaptive yoga classes with your favorite Yoga Moves teachers. Use the code, CHALLENGE at check-out!

Earn a free prize by following the optional directions below. This is not a requirement to participate in the CHALLENGE. It is just a little extra something.

Keep a log of your yoga practice days and the classes you took during the CHALLENGE. Send us your list, and tell us about your experience and what you learned during the CHALLENGE. Send it to mindy@yogamovesms.org.

Free prizes are either an e-edition of Mindy Eisenberg’s Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body e-book, Adaptive Yoga Cards e-edition, or a recording link to your favorite Yoga Moves MS Zoom class.

Join the challenge and become a daily doer. It’s easy. For 14 days in January, pledge to:

  • Sit down on your chair or mat, even if it’s just for a short time like 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Tune into the Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body LIVE daily classes or use the Yoga Moves On Demand library with your free code, CHALLENGE.
  • Reflect on how you feel!

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to be fully present with our time and attention. Yoga brings our mind and body into the present moment.

Tracking your progress in this challenge is “on your honor.” There’s no requirement to submit anything at the end of January, but there is a lot to gain from participating. Yoga reduces stress, improves strength and flexibility and has been shown to reduce MS symptoms including fatigue. Everyone who participates is already a winner in our book!
We would love to hear about your experience participating in this challenge and to send you your free gift. Send a written email, voice memo or video to mindy@yogamovesms.org. How did it go? How did you feel?