The Yoga Moves MS community met for a special webinar March 30, 2024 to welcome author Agota Nawroth who talked about her journey with Multiple Sclerosis.

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Agota Nawroth "Beating Multiple Sclerosis"Agota Nawroth, a mother of two and a Certified Health Coach, underwent significant changes in her diet and lifestyle following her diagnosis with multiple sclerosis at age 35. Last year she published the book Beating Multiple Sclerosis, an inspiring collection of life stories, including her own. She recently launched a membership program called Healing365, to empower others in taking charge of their lives through exploring wellness. Her mission is to revolutionize perceptions of healthy living and prevent illnesses. Follow her journey on IG at @BeatingMyMS.

Agota grew up in Romania where her family had a small farm with animals and a big garden full of fresh produce. When she moved to the US at age 21, the healthy habits she grew up with were replaced with lack of sleep, fast food, and a high-stress existence.

Agota collected 37 stories from people who changed their life after a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. The self-published book is available on Amazon and the audio book was recorded by Agota’s editor Paige Newsome. “I feel like I have so many more friends than I used to,” says Agota about meeting so many contributors through the process of writing the book. She also talked about relationships lost due to her diagnosis.

You can’t heal in the environment that made you sick

Agota and her husband used to live in a fast paced city and after her diagnosis they moved to Long Island where it was quieter and her sleep improved. People are also part of environment and surrounding yourself with people who are uplifting and supportive. Agota worked with a therapist to accept her diagnosis and change her mindset. One of her friends said she missed the “old Agota” but Agota knew the old her was stressed, anxious, and sick.

Stress management is the top thing a person can do to calm inflammation and promote healing. Mind and spirit is more important than what diet you follow in reducing symptoms. Agota goes to a yoga class every other day and credits it with helping her to heal.

Agota changed her diet and lifestyle and trusted that she could heal. She recommends shifting mindsets to believe that all medication and supplements will work to help the body and aid in healing. She meditates daily using mantra to forgive and let go of difficult emotions. She tried the Wahls diet, keto, vegetarian and after a 30-day autoimmune protocol (AIP) elimination diet and now follows the autoimmune diet. She eats mostly eats vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. She avoids dairy, gluten, soy, processed food, and refined sugars.

“It’s never too late to heal from MS, it’s doesn’t matter how many years or how many symptoms you have, small changes over the course of the year will result in you feeling so much better,” she says.

Agota’s Recommended Resources for people newly diagnosed with MS

Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza

The Wahls Protocol by Terry Wahls

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